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My love affair with food started right back at 4 months old when apparently to my mothers disgust, I refused to eat anything without having pumpkin in it….I obviously over indulged as an infant, as its not one of my favorite foods as an adult, unless of course it’s in a pie with hand whipped cream and salted caramel !

Now, a mother myself, the importance of fresh, local produce, grown with emphasis on caring for our environment, has taken the importance of what we nourish our bodies with to an even higher level. Food not only fuels us physically, but weaves its magic by bringing families and communities together, fostering our connections to each other and those around us.

Our family always eats together, sharing the highs and lows of our days.  In the early days we would get strange looks from people when they found out we were heading home to have dinner at 4.30pm with our 2 yrs old.


Living in the Lower Kaimais on the outskirts of Tauranga, with my two boys, on a 3 acre lifestyle block we enjoy homegrown duck eggs and have the joy of eating homegrown chicken (yes we even built a chicken plucker) pork and beef. We have an extensive herb garden and avocados are regularly sourced from my sisters block.


I love food, the tastes, the textures, the smells, the colours. I love the way it makes us feel and the memories it can invoke. We have had the privilege of recreating several old family recipes….from the Dutch meatballs added in as a canape, to a cheesecake handed down from one generation to the next…..there is no way to describe the joy you see in someone’s face we you recreate a taste of home, the feeling of safety and childlike abandonment or the feeling of Grandma standing right there and being part of your day.

Good food, created with passion and love, using the best locally sourced ingredients, nourishes both our body and our soul.