How to pick the right style of food for my guests?

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Choosing a style of eating, that suits both you and your guests, can be challenging to say the least, especially if you have no clear direction in mind. So in order to simply the experience, below I have listed and hopefully explained the latest trending ways to eat!

Most weddings start with either canapés, a grazing table and at present we are seeing more and more afternoon teas pop up.

Canapés : Bite sized portions of something magical ! These are hand crafted with exquisite ingredients. Posh Nosh recommends a canapé per person, per half hour, between the end of your ceremony and the beginning of dinner. If you know you have guests who are likely to imbibe then we recommend an extra canapé or more carbohydrate based canapés. Our staff circulate to each of your guests and ensure they are well looked after.

Grazing Tables: One of our favourite ways to eat!! We style a table with meats, seafood, homemade dips and crèmes, fruit – fresh and dried, cheeses and we finish it with Artisan breads and crackers.

Afternoon teas: Served either to a table or as canapés these tend to be more carbohydrate based. Think smoked chicken with crème fresh and chives on rye or bite sized date and orange scones.

From here your guest would normally sit down for the more formal part of your evening…..or not! The biggest trend in eating is Family Style and we are also seeing more Food Truck Weddings popping up

Family Style: We take a traditional buffet, breaking it down and serving it to your tables. This allows for a more relaxed, intimate way of eating

Buffet Style: Guests are served, upon standing and walking over, from large platters at the buffet table.

Plated: Guests are served a pre ordered meal by our wait staff

Rolling fork food: Guests are served over the period of a few hours with a continuous supply of small bites. Generally larger than canapés, but smaller than entree size, all can be eaten standing. A great way to incorporate lots of different flavours and gives guests lots of time to mix and mingle if you are going for a really relaxed feel.

Food Truck: Posh Nosh’s sister company, Posh Nosh-Street Food is able to tailor menus to suit your theme. From Mexican, to Gourmet burgers, to Spanish BBQ

And then…..its dessert time!!

Most couples are opting to use their wedding cake for dessert. Either using it on its own to serve with tea and coffee or dressing it up with cream, coulis and/or fruit. Cheeseboards are another stunning way of finishing your meal….or there’s always My Whippy!!
But if you’re a dessert nut like me there’s nothing stopping you from pushing the boat out and serving a gorgeous plated or family style dessert.

Remember there is no right or wrong way to eat. You can mix and match styles. You can leave out the dessert and have a bigger selection of canapés. Do what feels right for you and your guests
And above all….enjoy!!